Posted by Derek Shiu on Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Hey hey!

I'm happy to report a "W" in the column for Crumpalicious softball! hahaha, we finally got our first win today; it was loads of fun :D I haven't played softball before, so I'm still pretty terrible, but I got lucky playing 3rd base tonight... for some reason no balls were hit to me haha.  

I still need to see Toy Story 3, I've heard only good things about it, and that it's even better than 1 and 2.. 1 AND 2! wow, sounds like a must see.  I would have gone to see it opening weekend but I went on an awesome trip camping with some friends.  We got a lucky break in the supposed "summer" season weather with some sun and overcast (no rain!).  Had lots of fun, ate lots of food.. probably too much food.. Dylan caught a fish. THE FIRST FISH since I've been fishing with him for a entire YEAR now. we stink. well... technically only I stink now. *sigh* lol.  had some fun with hiking and nettle dodging too, I almost forgot how irritating they can be; but at least we didn't run into any mosquitoes this time.  It was another great camping trip.. the only downside is that everything I took with me now smells like fire.

Let's see.. what else... 

Class is out, I think I already said that earlier somewhere, but now I have the week off to concentrate on work.  Which works out perfectly because this Friday is a pretty big milestone at the studio.  I'm a little ahead of schedule so hopefully I stick to it and finish on time; although OT pay is nice ;) hahaha

Oh yes, I wanted to embed a really awesome short as well, but they disabled it on youtube.  Here's the link; you seriously have to watch it. It definitely ranks up in my favorites of all time.


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