Posted by Derek Shiu on Thursday, July 15, 2010
Hey, sorry it's been a while since I've last put something up. It has been CRAZY busy for me the last week or so.  Between trying to keep on pace for work schedules, homework, and some much needed exercise :p, I haven't had a chance to find some good animation to share.

This Friday my work is having a "friendly" flag football match at the company picnic. I use quotes because apparently the other team has won 9 years in a row. Yes, NINE. So I guess this year, they've started having practices and stuff in preparation for the game to kick some patooty hahaha, I signed up thinking it was just going to be for some fun and recreation, NOPE. Oh well, it's a blast to play... plus I'm faster than all the old guys HAHAHA! Not much else going on right now, finishing up my first dialogue shot for AM this week, so I might post that up here after it's done.

Anyways here's a nice little short to satisfy that animation hunger:

Helium. from Daniele Zannone on Vimeo.

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