Thursday Trailer! (oh wait... it's wednesday..)

Posted by Derek Shiu on Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Ya ya, I know.. it's not Thursday. But I thought i would post this up anyway :p
Surprisingly this looks pretty good for a Nickelodeon project, lots of nice stuff going on here. Not sure what to expect out of the story though.

Don't want to spoil the end of the trailer, but there's a definite "creepy little girl" in this movie. *shudder*

On other topics, things have started to pick up again with school starting the new term; made only a little better when my mentor said term 5 was the most intense of them all :D YAY ME! Looks like I'll be off the social map for a little while.. hopefully I'll have time to do things other than think about animation (as fun as that sounds). oh wait... brb Costco is here!

And they brought breakfast :D om nom nom nom.. 'osko brought breakfas 'is mornin.. *gulp* sorry -- Costco brought breakfast this morning to for us, along with some membership offers and stuff like that; had to get some of the food before it was all gone. It's awesome here. I should get back to work xD

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