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Posted by Derek Shiu on Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It has been way too long since I've written anything or updated anyone on what I've been up to.  But seeing how I think I'm the only one who visits this thing on a regular basis I don't think many people are upset :p  thank you to those who actually come visit once in a while and check out the videos that aren't mine hahahaha, but maybe they inspire you or open your eyes a little more ;)

So right now I'm typing on my new spiffy keyboard, well... not really new but It's only a couple weeks old.  "Huh, new keyboard, bug whoop" right? WRONGO! I have fancy buttons on this keyboard, lots of fancy buttons that I can map to hotkey/scripts/macros/etc.  Basically it makes my animation process a little faster by allowing me to setup more hotkeys for specific tasks.  it's really nifty :D it also lights up bahaha which is totally and completely decorative only.

I don't think I was able to write this down when it happened, but my contract at Griptonite was extended until the end of the project :) which is totally great news for me yay! Not only did they think my work didn't suck, but it didn't suck enough to give me the boot! hahaha, just kidding, my stuff isn't too terrible, but I know for sure there are plenty of spots to improve in.  Hopefully when this project finishes near the end of October, they'll still like my work and want to hire me as a permanent employee.  *cross my fingers*  Then I'll officially be an animator :)

Anyways, meeting people when I can, getting to know others better ;) Nahya if you read this hi! lol, I'm going to laugh if you actually do read this hahaha!  But other than that, just chuggin' along, doing my thing.

Now that you're up to date with my happenings, here is a really sweet short.  mixture of 3D and 2D works really well so, check it out!

Salesman Pete from Salesman Pete on Vimeo.



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