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Posted by Derek Shiu on Thursday, July 29, 2010
I didn't realize it has been over a week since my last post... haha oops. Time is flying by right now, but it's a good thing; getting lots done at work and school is making me crazy again.  But let's see... what has been going on recently...

We won our second softball game on Monday! hahahaha that sounds bad. So now we're 2-3 :) OH and I caught everything hit to me this time, which is saying a lot since our first game I misread two fly balls and totally missed them.  Also got sort of lucky; I was on first after hitting a single and the following batter hit a short grounder to the shortstop.  I think there was some fumbling going on because no matter how fast I can run, there's no way I'm going to outrun a 10 ft throw haha. Anyways I saw the throw coming in just as I was nearing second base, took a little hop and slid to avoid the tag. The guy sorta fell on top of me though, but I was SAFE! haha, it was lucky because I would have been the 3rd out, and we ended up scoring 9 runs that inning hahaha (me being run #3 I think) it was lots of fun and hopefully we can play just like that on our next game Monday too!

This whole week has been a little too crazy for me to play some ultimate, but I'm going to try to play a little today; gotta get my fix ;) I didn't even get to play any pick-up games with the summer league yesterday :( so that's the reason for the "completely different" post, I don't have an animation clip today.  This time it's an ultimate frisbee clip! yay! For those of you who don't know what it is, it's essentially a game of keep away.  You aren't allowed to run with the frisbee, but you can pivot - like in basketball when you stop dribbling.  And you throw it to your teammates, and try to catch the disc in the endzone - just like american football.  So now that you know the basics of ultimate, here's a clip of a spectacular/awesome/fantastic/wtf catch from the Sockeye team (who are from Seattle! BALLA) they recently got a silver medal at Worlds... which is like the world cup of frisbee, so you can imagine how good they are :)  Plus I know one of the guys who plays on the team.  Anyway here's the clip!

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